«The Funeral is outstanding!!» - Deadly news, on the review of their last single. Released 15 January 2014.

What started out as a Noise Rock band in the fields of Jesus & Mary Chain and My Bloody Valentine, shows a whole new sound on their single The Funeral. Adding a hint of classic synth pop, puts them on the map somewhere in the Dark wave Zone. The Pussyclub belongs in an extended pop genre. Producer Stephan Groth of Apoptygma Berzerk master this genre to the fingertips, giving it all a further boost.

The Funeral is the first in a series of singles from Fredrikstad band The Pussyclub. Singer and songwriter Jon Martens Holm has brought his experience from previous bands View, Icon of Coil and CCTV, and has thus perfected the mix of pop, electronica and dirty rock.

The songs are Recorded at «BlackLodge Studio» released on Jon's own label (Velvet Elektra) and mastered at Bohus Sound Recording Studios by the eminent Dragan Stankovic Tanaskovic.

The Pussyclub is:
Jon Martens Holm
Torstein Eriksen
Simon Haugsten Hansen
Frode Gundersen
Fredrik Gudim Eriksen